TRM Pyro

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Contact Information

Mike McCoy
Scranton, Kansas

Kansas Licensed Display Operator
Missouri Licensed Display Operator

DISCLAIMER: The purpose of the equipment manufactured and sold by TRMPyro LLC is to cause initiation of industry standard ematches to ignite display type fireworks or other pyrotechnic devices. Fireworks and special effects materials are explosive and may cause personal injuries, including death, to yourself or others, including spectators. SAFETY IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and is beyond the control of TRMPyro LLC. The buyer/user assumes all responsibility and liability in the use of this equipment and further agrees, by purchase and/or use of this equipment, to indemnify and hold harmless TRMPyro LLC against all liability for injury, loss, or damage direct or consequential arising out of use of, or inability to use this equipment. Any subsequent purchaser is also bound by these conditions of sale.

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